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Years ago, Mozilla Firefox became the favorite browser for many when many viruses on Internet started targeting Internet Explorer (IE).

According to a study, majority people use IE to download Mozilla Firefox.

Thanks to Mozilla’s tie-up with Google, the search engine appears as the homepage whenever you open the browser. Firefox has various other features like Tab features. That’s right! Firefox offered tab features before IE. IE offered them with Windows Vista version.

Due to new and unique features, users always eagerly waited when would the next update of Firefox come. The frequent updates of Firefox annoyed many users but the advanced new features or security settings offered by Firefox were always appreciated.

Now the Firefox 10 is live on the website of Mozilla and ready to download. All new features to be offered by new Firefox are yet to be known but some are out now.

The newest version of Firefox is now available for the PC and Mac. Included in new features is a Forward button that remains hidden until you actually need it. It has support for full-screen APIs, and better extensions management.

Source: Gizmodo

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