Firefox 12 Released


Another update for the Firefox Web browser has been launched by Mozilla. The new update puts the browser at version 12.

Unfortunately, the browser does not support Mac OS X Lion’s full-screen mode as it was rumored to have in one of the Firefox version 12 betas. This update is for Mac, Windows, and Linux users.

If a Firefox popup window hasn’t already come up alerting you about the version 12 update, you can find it by going to Firefox > About Firefox and the download will begin automatically (for Mac).

Firefox 12 claims to have following features in the release notes:

*Windows users can update Firefox much easier, using the User Account Control (UAC)
*Page source now numbers the lines of code
*Line breaks can now be used in the title attribute (Web developers)
*’Find in Page’ command will now center the browser on the search result if found
*Pasting a URL to the download manager will start automatic downloads
*Added support for the text-align-last CSS property (Web developers)
*Problem with WebGL performance on some Mac OS X machines has been fixed
*Problem with some TinyMCE-based editors failing to load has been fixed
*Many security improvements added

Mozilla has also noted that there are some known issues with Firefox 12 that they will be working on for the next version. These issues included an issue with vertical scrolling on Synaptic touch pads, slow scrolling in the GMail window, a crashing problem when starting Firefox using a locked profile, and finally a problem where using Windows System Restore could prevent Firefox from alerting you of Firefox updates.

While all of the larger improvements are subject to opinion on their usefulness, the update has been recommended for all Firefox users because the security enhancements and stability improvements will help you keep your computer safe and improve your computer performance.

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