Firefox 9.0 Offering Mac OS X Lion Gesture Support

Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Mac

Firefox 9.0, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox has been released.

Is that a big news? Maybe not for some people who use a different browser. However, the bigger news is that Firefox 9.0 will now natively support two-finger swiping gestures on your MacBook (or Magic Mouse or trackpad, if you have one of those running). Now, without extra add-ons, you can now swipe two fingers forward or back to browse through your history. There are many other usual gestures available to most apps, like using two fingers to scroll, for example.

The new update to the app has improved the theme navigation of OS X Lion. However, Lion style full-screen mode is not in this app. Firefox is easy to install and it can update itself on its own but there is no Mac app version of Firefox 9.0 at App store so far.

Do you have Firefox 9.0 in your Mac? What was your experience of using the new Firefox for the first time? Tell us in the comments section.

Source: TUAW

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