First MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iPad Pro pre-order arrives to customers

On November 7th,  first MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iPad Pro pre-orders begin to arrive eagerly with customers. Have you received yours yet?

Thus far, we came across with customers in countries such as New Zealand and Australia, which takes Instagram and Twitter and show with the latest of purchases. So far, the image focus is iPad Pro but expects people to start showing new MacBook Air and Mac mini purchases soon, as well.

If misses out on early iPad Pro pre-orders, shipping times via Apple’s Online Store. Currently, variants estimated delivery times last week November, and even into December in some instances.

As with MacBook Air, one looks at mid-November delivery, the Mac mini thus far available for delivery this week.

The new iPad Pro thus is available in two forms, with the 11-inch model starting at $799 and the 12.9-inch model starting at $999. The MacBook Air starts at $1,199, while Mac mini starts at $799.