First Miss FaceTime for Adult Sex Chat Service on Mac vs. PC [Exclusive Interview]

SexyTime chat service iP4Play just named Charlotte Stokely as the first Miss FaceTime. Here’s what she think about Mac and PC.

Miss FaceTime on Mac vs. PC

Highlight of Cult of Mac’s interview with the 15? MacBook Pro owning Charlotte Stokely. The site describe the interview as “incredibly arousing.”

Cult of Mac: What Apple gear do you own?

Charlotte Stokely: I own three iPods (including the awesome iPod Touch) and a 15? MacBook Pro…but the next things I am lusting for are an iPad and a MacBook Air.

CoM: What’s the difference between Mac and PC people?

CS: It’s not really my place to judge, especially since I used to be a PC girl. I thought the PC system was great…until I discovered my MacBook which comes with iWeb so I can update my website, as well as Garage Band, so I can make music for my own videos, both of which I do and love. I believe Mac people choose a simpler and more fulfilling tech lifestyle.

CoM: Have you ever dated PCs?

CS: I prefer intelligent, ambitious men… and without a Mac how intelligent and ambitious could he be? 😉

CoM: Where is the future of sex and tech headed?

CS: I would love to be the first hologram sex icon! Imagine me actually IN your living room with live interaction. Come on Apple…what are you waiting for? I’m your girl!

The iP4Play sexy time video chat service started in 2010 August, soon right after the introduction of iPhone 4 with FaceTime.

Read more on cultofmac site.

FaceTime is compatible with iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad 2, and Mac . You can get the app for $0.99 at Mac App Store.

[ Via cultofmac ]

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