Fixing Mouse Related issues on OS X Lion

OK! You may have upgraded your OS X Lion. Now are you surprised to see some freaky activities like Safari opening all of a sudden? While browsing, does your page zooms on its own as if you double tapped your mouse? These problems are due to your mouse. The upgrade might have tampered with the settings of your Mouse.

There are certain tips to fix this problem.

OS X Lion Mouse Disable Zoom

1. Disable zooming in the preferences section of Mouse setting:
Just uncheck Smart Zoom feature in the Mouse section of System Preferences.




OS X Installing tools for Mouse

2. A better preference configuration tool can be installed:
Installing tools like MagicPrefs oe BetterTouch Tool. These tools are handy and free. With BetterTouch you can control the sensitivity of the mouse.



OS X Magic Trackpad

3. Replace Mouse with Magic Trackpad:
If your mouse is causing too much hassles to you, you can replace it with Magic Trackpad. Using Magic Trackpad is more convinient than a mouse.

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Source: Giga Om

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