Fixing OS X Empty Trash Permission Error [TUTORIAL]

Mac OS X Lion

Recently, a problem has been noticed on Mac OS X Lion. According to this problem, if a Mac owner deletes an item from his Mac, it would not be sent into his trash box.

Instead, the password for Mac OS X would be asked for. After entering the admin password, the file would be deleted on its own. This problem occurs due to the reason the “Trash” bin is being owned not by you, but by “root”.

Following is a procedure to fix this problem:

STEP 1 – Launch the Terminal (it would be likely found in the “Utilities” folder under “Applications”).

STEP 2 – At the prompt, type “ls -la” (you should type what is inside the quotes, not the quotes themselves. Do pay attention to the spacing).

STEP 3 – In the right hand column, find “.Trash” and scan to the left. If the word “root” appears in the third column, this fix may work. If not, then you may need to follow some other procedure.

STEP 4 – At the prompt, type “sudo chown yourusername .Trash”. You need to replacing “yourusername” with your user name. You should see that almost every entry should be set to your user name.

STEP 5 – Type “ls -la” once again. In the .Trash row, “root” should now be replaced with your user name.

After this procedure, the ownership of “Trash” comes back to you. Did you find this procedure easy and helpful? Share your feedback with us.

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4 Replies to “Fixing OS X Empty Trash Permission Error [TUTORIAL]”

  1. I have done it but its not working. i think the problem with me is after typing ls -la in terminal it shows everything but in admin and trash it shows roots. so i think because of admin is written roots that’s why its not working with me. Anywayz plz help me guys..

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