Flag Wars

Flag Wars AppNow here is a game that requires a lot of planning, focus and concentration to come up with a good strategy that can help you in winning this game.

Similar to a board game Chess, you have to save your flag by outsmarting your opponent and capture his flag. This game comprises of alphabets, numbers and bombs placed in square shaped columns. It takes two players to play this game online. There is a “How To Play” help-guide in this game. All two players need is two devices with iOS in them. The time limit is 20 seconds or the turn of delaying player is skipped.

Flag Wars AppThis game helps the players in improving their concentration as it requires proper planning, in-depth thinking and the smartness to anticipate the move of your opponent. This game can be recommend by doctors who aim at helping people wishing to improve their concentration.

How people would receive this unique and new app from Todd Grubbs remains to be seen. So are you ready to hoist your flag on the enemy territory?

Compatibility of Flag Wars:
Flag Wars is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3rd Generation), iPod Touch (4th Generation) or iPad. It requires iOS 4.1 or later version.

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