Flash Brought To iPad By OnLive Desktop Plus

OnLive Desktop Plus

OnLive Desktop Plus has been updated to support flash content. The plus service is charged at $4.99/month. This allows access to a Windows desktop.

OnLive Desktop Plus has installed Flash on the systems that subscribers connect up to. Now, the Flash content can be easily used on the iPad.

As the processing is all done server side and as the servers are connected to fast internet connections, Flash content loads easily and quickly. That means a 50 MB file will be available within a second and then the results of that would be sent to the iPad.

“You can expect even the most elaborate Flash websites to load in seconds, even if it would have taken your home computer minutes to load the same page” OnLive CEO Steve Perlman promises. ”Animation, video and sound come through impeccably and instantly. And, large cloud storage files and Web email attachments—even 50 MB PowerPoint presentations—to upload or download in less than a second.”

If you want OnLive Desktop for free, there is a free version. This provides not only 2GB of storage, but also the to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

An Android version is currently being built.

Source: Gadget Venue

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