Fling Mini Introduce an Analog joystick for the iPhone & iPod Touch

Fling mini an has been released by Ten One Design. Earlier this year, they had already released Fling joystick for iPad.

Eli Hodapp of Touch Arcade who wrote a detailed reviewed about Fling joystick for iPad had this to say:

The Fling is a cleverly designed device with two suction cups on one side connected to a plastic ring. Inside of the plastic ring is a spiral that suspends an electrically conductive joystick in the center. This spiral works like a spring, always returning the joystick to the center, and providing more resistance the closer you get to the edge of the plastic ring. It’s made out of clear plastic with a Fling logo that comes in three different colors: black, blue, and purple. [..]

[..] The good news is, for many games, the Fling is absolutely outstanding. Playing dual stick shooters using the Fling is, in a word, glorious.

[..] As far as what doesn’t work so well: any game that relies on swiping instead of a virtual stick with both a center point and a maximum that are inside of the Fling’s range of motion.

Checkout the video below:

Fling mini (Product page) is currently available for pre-order for $24.95, while Fling for iPad (Product page) costs $19.95.

[ Via tenonedesign ]

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