Let The Flowers Bloom And Get Them With Avas Flowers [REVIEW]

Avas Flowers

Imagine that it is the anniversary of your boss and you show up at his apartment with a bouquet of beautiful flowers like tulips and yellow roses. Presenting him the bouquet you congratulate him and his wife.

Now let us see another scenario. Imagine it is the birthday of your girlfriend or you two have planned a romantic date. You show up at her door with a bouquet of red roses and while offering the bouquet to her, you say, “Beautiful roses for a beautiful girl!”

Avas Flowers

The two scenarios described above not only explain the value of flowers being used as a gesture for greeting, it also highlights the fact that different flowers are needed for different occasions. Many times, if the flowers are not available or the flowers you require are not found in flower store, your plan of greeting might go for a toss.

That is why, here is an app that helps you book flowers well in advance.

With Avas Flowers, you can place an order for Local Flower Delivery while you are busy with your task! With Avas Flowers Mobile App, giving the gift even at last-minute will not be a problem. You can order tulips, roses, lilies, mixed flower bouquets, plants, gift baskets, and fruit baskets for same day delivery, irrespective of your location or destination. You will never miss a birthday, anniversary, get well, or any other special occasions again! Avas Flowers help you find florist and help you book orders for flowers or bouquet online.

Avas Flowers

After downloading this free Avas Flowers mobile iOS app, you will always have the most beautiful flower bouquets for same day delivery at the best prices at your fingertips. You can buy flowers or bouquets anywhere, anytime, and they will reach all those you care for with the perfect floral gift. The offer for a free upgrade on your next order is also being given by the makers of this app.

This app carries mild profanities, mildly suggestive themes and crude humor. That is why user discretion is being recommended for using this app.

Let us have a look at the important features of this app:

1. Selection by occasion is possible.

2. You can easily navigate this app while browsing.

3. Easy and Secure Checkout is possible.

4. This app gives you easy access to Help and Support.

5. This app offers mobile exclusive deals and discounts.

Avas Flowers is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3.0 or later version.

Now do you find it easy to arrange flowers with Avas Flowers App? Share your feedback.

[update] Please note that the review posted here is sponsored by Avas Flowers or an agency appointed by Avas Flowers. theAppleBites has just used the application and written a review of how the service looks like. Kindly do your part of research before using Avas Flower services. theAppleBites does not hold any responsibility for any claims.

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  1. Imagine these scenarios: You order flowers with Avas Flowers for a funeral you couldn’t attend, or your mother on Mother’s Day, or a terminally ill friend on her last birthday… and Avas Flowers doesn’t deliver them. Instead, their customer service lies to you saying that your order will either be delivered the next day or the next day or the next day. When you finally ask for a refund, they flat out deny you one. If you look across the Internet for reviews of Avas Flowers, you will see that this is the way this company conducts business normally. They are unethical, completely unreliable in delivery, and will take your money despite the fact that they haven’t delivered your flowers. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau, and in fact have had numerous unresolved complaints lodged against them for which they have not responded to the BBB. And now, there’s an app for that. BEWARE.

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