Fly Into Galaxy And Enjoy As Traveller With Traveller AR [REVIEW]

Traveller AR

Years ago, I used to play a lot of video-games and my two favorite games were Macros and Galaxian. In both games, you are in spacecraft that is fighting machine in which you travel far into the galaxy and destroy alien creatures and spaceships.

I have started feeling nostalgic ever since I have played this new game called Traveller AR where again, as a player, I have the chance to fly into the space and feel those things that I would feel only while watching Star Wars or Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

In Smallville, the Veritas group was waiting for an alien to come to Earth in October 1989. The alien in the spacecraft had been addressed as “The Traveller” in the conversations of Veritas group-members. The Traveller later turned out to be Clark Kent, the boy who would be known as Superman in future.

Traveller AR

Now with Traveller AR, you have a chance to be the inter-galactic traveller and explore the universe. You will fight and trade throughout the galaxy in this multiplayer epic game.

Traveller AR has been created by ingZ Inc, who believe in combining the latest technology with passion and continuous innovation to create fun, easy-to-use smartphone games and other applications that appeal to players and costumers and engage them.

Let us have a look at the the awesome features of this game:

1. You can pick one of the three starter classes.

2. You can explore the large galaxy map.

3. In Traveller AR, you can equip your ship and fight PVP and PVE. This feature reminds me of Star Wars.

4. You can trade across the galaxy, just like Power Rangers from “In Space” and “Lost Galaxy” series.

5. In this game, you can play with the traditional accelerometer. If you want some real action, you can use the augmented reality feature and find items by Global Positioning System (GPS) that others will miss.

I would like to remind all readers that this game application uses the GPS running in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can costume a lot of battery power and decrease battery life. This game is an online game and it requires a constant connection to the internet by 3G or Wi-Fi.

Traveller AR is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version. However, it is being recommended that for best result, you should upgrade your device to iOS 5.

Traveller AR

iPod Touches, iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 have some issues with this game app. Fixes are being made and an update called Version 1.09 has fixed many bugs. However, it is yet to be seen which bugs have been fixes and which bugs are still there. For best results, you should play this game on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

This review has been written after obtaining the game through a gift card and this game has been played on an iPhone.

So are you ready to fly into the space and explore the universe. Post your comments and tell us what new improvements have you seen with Version 1.09.

Click here to buy and download Traveller AR.

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