Fly Towards The Knowledge of Birds With My Bird World HD [REVIEW]

My Bird World HD

Do you wish to enhance your knowledge about birds? Did you wish that the app could work on iPad? Cheer up!

The new HD version of My Bird World is compatible with iPad and it is ready to familiarize you with the world of birds. Five Ravens and Birdcage Press LLC are ready to make the new HD app, fly into your iPad and educate you about birds.

My Bird World HD

British Singer Seal sings about “flying high into the future” in his hit single “Fly Like An Eagle”. However, here with this app you fly into a world that educates you about the birds.

My Bird World HD

This game has been co-produced with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. My Bird World HD is a collection of four delightful games that teach you about the birds that are found in North America. The goal of this app and the games in this app is to fill your Bird World with all 24 birds. You play two games to win birds and place them in different habitats. After that, you play two more games to win food for your birds! Every time you feed a bird, you will learn more about it and hear it sing.


There are beautiful sounds of birds and the graphics are really bright, giving a good and clear view of birds and everything important to enhance your knowledge about birds.

Here you play 4 games!

1. Memory – You can play this game in six different ways. Here you match pictures of birds and match birds with their songs. There would be varying levels of difficulty.

2. Flight Patterns – You watch closely to track flying birds. This game has three different levels of difficulty.

3. Match Facts – Here you test your bird knowledge or make guesses to match a bird with a random fact that is shown to you, by telling the name of bird that fact is relevant for.

4. Infestation Predation – Here, you have to act fast to find the right bird to keep an Infestation of bugs and other prey at bay! You have to keep playing until you have won all 24 birds. After winning 24 birds, you can hit reset and start again.

Let us have a look at the features of this app:

1. This app includes four different games with multiple levels. It can teach people of all ages about North American birds.


2. There are different varieties of birds in My Bird World. From the American Avocet to the Yellow Warbler, this app features songbirds, owls, hawks, water birds, an eagle, woodpecker, hummingbird, and more.


3. You can place your birds in six beautiful habitats – woods, field, shore, lake, barn and marsh. Yo can also move them from one habitat to another to see where they like to live.


4. This app would teach you over 400 facts about birds as you play games and feed your birds.


5. This app also features over 48 stunning photographs of 24 birds, both perched as well as flying. Thus, your “classroom for Ornithology” would be lively.

6. Awesome audio includes bird songs and calls from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s world famous Macaulay Library. This library is the world’s largest collection of natural sounds.


7. The four games in this teach a variety of learning skills: memory, reading, sound and visual pattern recognition, and bird identification.


8. This is an interactive app.

My Bird World HD is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version to run.

So does this app awakens the Birdman inside you? Tell us in the comments section.

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  1. This app is so vibrant – fantastic color and detail for recognizing specific birds.  The sounds are clear and immediate as well, and how fun to learn about birds in any location: Interactive learning that is fun wherever I am!

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