Follow-up : No camera on iPod Touch

OK folks, lets just get one thing straight.. There is no camera on the latest Apple release of the i-Touch.. correct?

Now what’s interesting is the direction Apple seem to be heading in regards to the i-Touch. The New York Times recently sat down with Steve Jobs and asked him that burning question:

NY Times : Is there a camera for the i-Touch?
Steve Jobs : The path of the i-Touch is that it makes a great gaming device…the push was to get it down to a price point everyone could afford.

That’s a pretty big disappointment for the many millions (20 million) of i-Touch owners out there. Reading into the response Steve Jobs gave the NY Times as to the no-show of the rumored i-Touch with camera, I see it in two ways :

1. The new i-Touch’s were ready to go but “quality” issues quietly forced Apple to pull the plug on presenting them at this years show.
2. It was just that…a rumor.

However it still remains unclear whether there would have been a video-camera in the new i-Touch but still, Apple have given the clearest indication yet of the way they plan on going with the i-Touch.

And with the small form of the i-Touch it does appear to be in a winning situation when stacked up alongside the other two, established, hand-held game consoles (Nintendo DS and Sony PSPGO). It’s definitely a good direction for Apple to market the i-Touch as a game console and even if the i-Touch is delayed till October it will still be in plenty of time for the Christmas season.

-Grathina Furlong

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