Four Injured in Fight Over iPad 2 at China Apple Store

On Friday, iPad 2 went on sale in China but a confused fight has already broken out in Beijing’s top Apple Store. On Saturday afternoon, irate customers rushed the store after an Apple employee allegedly attacked several people – accused of jumping the queue.

It was also reported that an anger-challenged employee went back inside the store to find the enraged customers smashing the glass front door and pushing past security guards. The police were called in and four injured customers taken to the hospital.

According to the Beijing News, Apple Store closed early on Saturday but will be open for business on Sunday after posting notices announcing that queue jumping and unauthorized sale of Apple products will not be permitted, as reported by Beijing News.

The print Media also reports that the lines to purchase an iPad 2 are so ridiculously long that people are selling their places in line and reselling the tablets after leaving the store.
The launch date for iPad 2 in China has made others profitable while making the genuine customer suffer.

Really, iPad 2 craziness not only limit to U.S but also around the world.

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