Foxconn CEO Denies His Comments On Apple Television Set

Foxconn Building

Recently, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou had leaked information about Foxconn manufacturing the rumored television set from Apple. Obviously, his comments would enraged Apple who are well-known for their secrecy regarding projects under development.

Now, to save its face, Foxconn has issued a public statement denying the news of CEO making comments about preparing for a rumored Apple television. However, Gou had also said that the manufacturing of development of rumored TV set had not begun yet.

The Chinese manufacturer provided a written statement to TheNextWeb. It stated that Gou neither confirmed nor speculated about the company’s involvement in the production of any product.

It is Foxconn’s policy not to comment on any customers or their products. The statement claimed:

“Any reports that Foxconn confirmed that it is preparing to produce a specific product for any customers are not accurate.”

Although Foxconn did not issue any comments about a possible Apple television set, the company did forge a deal with LCD maker, Sharp, in March giving it a 11% stake in the company for $808 million. The deal has sparked speculation that Foxconn and Sharp have teamed up to produce panels for an anticipated television set from Apple.

Foxconn is usually a good source of Apple-related leaks over the past few years. However, none of those leaks came from public comments by any of the company’s CEOs. As for news regarding the Apple television set, one needs to wait with patience.

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