Foxconn Raises The Salaries Of Employees

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Amid reports accusing Apple and Foxconn of making their workers in Chinese factories in pathetic conditions, Foxconn has raised the salaries of their employees, a move that many critics of Apple call as a “face-saving” move.

Reuters reported that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn announced new wage increases for entry-level workers at its facilities in China. Foxconn, boosted the pay anywhere from 16-25 percent. The increase is Foxconn’s third wage hike since 2010.

In a statement on Friday, Taiwan-based Foxconn said the pay of a junior level worker in Shenzhen, southern China, had risen to 1,800 yuan ($290) per month and could be further raised above 2,200 yuan if the worker passed a technical examination.

It said that pay three years ago was 900 yuan a month.

Foxconn said that its wages were already far above minimum wage standards set by the government and that it will continue to focus on training and education for its employees. Foxconn also provides room and board for its employees. However, some people have criticized the living conditions that are said to be cramped dormitory-style housing. Various reports cited that in one room anywhere from eight up to fifteen employees had to live.

Foxconn made a significant boost to worker salaries in mid-2010. Foxconn followed a significant scrutiny over worker suicides at the company’s facilities. Initial reports had claimed that Apple was directly subsidizing those wage hikes. However, Foxconn later denied those reports.

Fair Labor Association (FLA) and Labor activists in China have said that Apple and Foxconn give good working conditions to their employees and Apple CEO Tim Cook has also said that conditions of Chinese workers have been improved a lot.

Source: MacRumors

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