As Partners, Foxconn And Sharp Aim At Getting Apple TV Display Orders?

Foxconn BuildingWe reported the recent strategic partnership of Sharp with Foxconn. 

Foxconn has 11% of Sharp shares as part of the partnership. Digitimes reported that according to the speculations of industry sources, this partnership was aimed at getting the display supply deal for the rumored Apple Television Set. The TV set from Apple is supposed to get Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) displays.

The television set (also known as Apple HDTV or iTV) is still a very vague product. Apple is neither confirming speculations about it, nor denying it. There have been hints, including a quote from Steve Jobs in the Steve Jobs biography. Jobs had said that he “cracked” the TV user interface problem.

After the success of Apple TV, iPod, iPad and iPhone, do you think Apple can achieve success by entering in the production of High-Definition TV set? Share your thoughts and opinions.

Source: i4U

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