Foxconn to Substitute Workers With 1 Million Robot

Foxconn has a huge agenda coming up in next three years. Xinhua reports that Foxconn has an intention to substitute few of its workers with around 1million robots, most probably by next three years. Terry Gou the founder and chairman of Foxconn have revealed that by making use of robots can reduce the rising labor costs and also increase efficiency.

The chairman says that the robots can be use to initiate easy and routine manual like spraying, welding, and arranging that are not conducted by staff. Gou informed his workers at a dance party which was held on Friday night. At present the company has around 10,000 robots and the numbers will be elevated to 30,000 by next year and will goes up to 1 million in coming years as revealed by Gou.

Folks watch the Humanoid Robot Workers Intro:

Foxconn gather various products for Apple and in the past the company has been greatly criticized because for a successive of employee suicides. Foxconn employees consist of around 1.2 million people but still unclear as how workers will be swap by these robots.

[Via iClarified]

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