Foxconn Would Not Sue Mike Daisey


Late last week, radio show This American Life (TAL) retracted an episode published in January. The episode in question showcased Mike Daisey’s performance of The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

Mike Daisey had lied about Apple, saying that Apple and its partner Foxconn forced workers to work in inhuman conditions. The show was removed when TAL discovered inaccuracies in Daisey’s account, one of which suggested Daisey himself met with workers who were poisoned by n-hexane. A report from Reuters confirms Foxconn will not sue TAL or Daisey, even though these bogus claims were hurtful to the company.

Foxconn spokesperson Simon Hsing told Reuters:

“Our corporate image has been totally ruined. The point is whatever media that cited the programme should not have reported it without confirming (with us). We have no plans to take legal action… We hope nothing similar will happen again.”

Seems like Foxconn has a big heart. Before telling lies, Daisey should have thought he he would be caught easily as China is a Communist nation where labor rights are supreme. Nobody can exploit workers without getting into trouble from police and the police is well-known for hostility for Americans. Thus, there is no way an American company or a company partnering with an American company would do that.

Source: TUAW

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