Foxconn Workers Against Overtime Hours Cut

Foxconn Logo

Yesterday, we reported that Foxconn had agreed to cut overtime hours, responding to the report by Fair Labor Association (FLA). Apple and Foxconn are desperate to counter the accusations of the ill-treatment of workers in China.

However, it seems that Foxconn may not implement the move to cut down overtime immediately.

Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, which manufactures and assembles Apple products tried to cut overtime from 60 hours to 36 hours. However, this move was not welcomed by workers. That is because less overtime means less money. Workers at Foxconn are just focused on making money. They are coming from all corners of China and have left their homes behind to live and work at the Foxconn factory to support their families. 

Reuters reported that Foxconn said that the compensation stays constant despite the overtime cut. Apparently Foxconn workers are not trusting this announcement.

Source: i4U

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