Foxconn To Use X-Ray Machines To Inspect And Reduce Defects In iOS Devices

Foxconn Workers

Foxconn, the major Apple supplier has started adding automated X-ray machines to its assembly lines. Now Foxconn will be able to inspect and cut down on defects found in iOS devices.

CNET has reported that Foxconn’s inline X-ray inspection systems have already begun to appear at its plants in China. It is being said that these machines rely on a software algorithm which checks solder joints and printed circuit boards at speeds fast enough that allow the production line to continue moving quickly.

Obviously, Foxconn has taken this step to improve efficiency and cut down on errors. X-Ray Machine will also allow Foxconn to reduce rising labor costs. While Foxconn faces heavy criticism for the way it allegedly treats its workers, the company has taken an effort to respond to the statements by increasing the wages of its workers by as much as 25%. The source revealing Foxconn’s investment in the X-ray machines also suggested that the machines were a result of “quality issues” on the company’s production line that may have prompted the purchase. There are rumors that the machines are currently being bought in “unprecedented quantities” to support the move.

As of right now, Foxconn is still the primary assembler of devices for Apple and Apple continues to see tremendous year-over-year growth for its popular iOS devices. An inside look at Foxconn which was conducted last month by ABC’s Nightline showed that the iPhone was practically handmade by the Chinese workers on the company’s assembly lines. The X-ray machines will help prevent the defects that many users had been complaining ever since iPhone 4S was released and may possibly complain about in the future as well with the release of the next-generation iPad to be announced this week.

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