Framing the right words with Quint [Review]

Few days back we reviewed Diveland, a two-dimensional world game created to render a rich three dimensional world experience. The developers of Diveland, Andrea and Steve Bourne have come up with yet another simple yet challenging game Quint, which is a classic tile based word game, centered on the idea of making 5-letter words. Fundamentally, in a tile based game tiles are the elements of play. In a tile based game, tiles either create multiple possibilities for the board layout or allow changes in the overall board geometry during play. Quint’s foundation is on the former presumption which means, with the help of tiles multiple possibilities can be created using your intellect to generate meaningful words. The game becomes really addictive as it proceeds.

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Quint starts with two tiles which are expected to join, after which the number of tiles multiply. The user continues to join tiles to create five letter words. A user can make endless number of five letter words until the board is filled up. Quint is a fast-paced endless game which pushes a user to play rapidly. While playing if you get lucky to make a word with Z, Q, J or X in them, you earn brownie points for the hard work and if the word created doesn’t make sense then you get negative 1000 points, which can be annoying but that keeps the spirit of the game alive. Another scenario when you lose the game is when the board is fully filled up.

There are no in-game sounds except when you lose, an ugly yet funny sound pops up. The user experience of the game is simple and focussed which helps to kickstart with the game instantly, Quint has a pleasing combination of orange and white colors leaving the gameplay uninterrupted.

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