Frank Lampard unsold gold plated iPod touch to be melted

Frank Lampard a very well known icon in the foodball circuit now playing for Chelsea and England. He is known by his amazing performace, his agility and the magic he does with the ball in the football field has won the hearts of many football fans and also with England team.

With his popularity, last december along with Goldgenie, 64 karat gold plated iPod touch costing around GDP 599.99 with his signature at the back was released at Harrods store with the sale of the money to be donated to teenage cancer centre for charity. He donated all his royalties with the sale of iPod touch to cancer trust. He really wanted to help the teenage centre Trust for which he’s a patron.

Unfortunately with the crash of England team out of FIFA World cup 2010 has forced the sale of the gold plated iPod touch and left with no buyer. So the maker of gold plated iPod touch has announced that it might melt around Five thousand unsold iPod touch with Frank Lampard signature.

The gold plated iPod touch has an exceptional design and master piece of Goldgenie. Unfornately in reflection with Frank Lampard popularity, the sales has not reach the target. Goldgenie announced that it will rebrand them with Kid’s cartoons character known as ‘Hello Kitty’.

I feel it is a wonderful gift and an exceptional item for all Football fans and Frank Lampard fans to gripe before all the gold plated iPod touch vanished out from Harrods store into hot melting pot. Even more there is something more than just buying a gold plated iPod touch with Frank Lampard signature on the back but this is more about helping the teenage cancer patients with buying and it simply shows showering your concern and support for them. So better rush today, own one of the fine gold plated iPod touch and make yourself proud.

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