Free iPhone 4S From China Unicom

China Unicom

We know what you are thinking? Yes, China Unicom does intend to give “free” iPhone 4S, but not the way you think. You know that other than fresh air, nothing is free in life.

We reported earlier that iPhone 4S would be released in China on 13 January 2012. Now carrier China Unicom is offering a deal to those who are eager to get their hands on iPhone 4S.

Thanks to all the hype and promotion being given to iPhone 4S, there is a strong possibility that the market share Apple wants to capture in China will soon become a reality.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Chinese customers, who would be willing to pay a $45 monthly fee under a two-year contract will get the iPhone 4S at no charge. Obviously, China Unicom is eating huge upfront costs in order to release the phone at no charge to subscribers. However, the carrier obviously believes this arrangement will turn out to be highly lucrative over time.

China Unicom, the only one of the nation’s three carriers offering the iPhone with a service contract, is using the handset to woo high-end subscribers who play games and watch online videos using their phones.

What type of response to do you think this scheme can receive in China? Tell us in the comments section.

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