Friday Accessory Update

Power saver ReNu is ready to charge you. Renu solar charger is actually going to change the amount of bucks you spent in your electricity bills. It comes in handy if you are a very environment conscious person. Yes these accessories have been devised keeping in mind the amount of energy being spent in charging iPhones, iPods touch and the iPads. Energy preservation is what the motto of the environmentalists is if we are to save the world. The world is living amidst the fear of increasing global warming.

But one way of saving energy is here with this solar charger. The chargers are currently designed in black colors but variations in colors will surely be developed in the next update. The shape that has given to this solar power is curved smoothly finished at the four corners which gives a stylish look to grab the attention of the people and the way to charge your portable devices is simple just place your device attach to the walls under the sun and get going with the charge.

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