From Russia With Love, Lots Of Humor To Entertain You [REVIEW]

From Russia With Love

No No No! I am not talking about the classic James Bond movie, “From Russia With Love”. This is a game which entertains you with great humor. If you like to beat up those people who drink or if you are stung by the bug of Cold War era, taking pleasure in beating up Russian (in games of course), this game would be very entertaining for you.

This game entertains you with Russian humor, fun and rest: “From Russia with Love” is the best suitable game, which makes you tension free with its funny personages. In IOS system it is even funnier and very simple to play.

The main purpose of this game is to entertain and engage you with its funny and drunk Russian-looking personages.

From Russia With Love

The rules of “From Russia With Love” are quite straightforward . You can play this game in any mood. Drunk or sober, all you have to be is precise and quick.

In order to complete the level you will have to beat different and funny personages like an alcoholic, a cab driver or even a cop appearing on different unpredictable edges of the screen on time by simply tapping on them. You choose level and a character. The moment character appears, you punch him hard. You can also choose the difficulty level.

Punch the character by tapping on him and you score a point. You miss and your accuracy level goes down.

From Russia With Love

Your aim is not to let personages drink up the given bottle of vodka. There are 10 levels for each personage; in last 10th level you will have to take away the bottle of beverage from character’s hands. This level is funnier as well as more difficult.

As you proceed in winning, new levels, different personages, credits, variety of beverages for your bar and the hard modes will be unlocked. All the bonuses you acquire and personages you prevent from drinking can be used or exploited at anytime.

The animation of this game is fabulous. The settings are colorful, the sounds add the element of fun and humor to the situation and the characters look funny and cute.

From Russia With Love

Play this game and you will laugh as much as I did.

From Russia With Love is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later version. This game is universal and has been designed for both iPhone as well as iPad.

From Russia With Love features infrequent and mild usage of tobacco and drugs. It also features fantasy violence. Therefore, it is not suitable for children below 12 years of age.

This game has been obtained from app store via gift card and the game has been played on an iPad.

So are you ready to enjoy the game make Russians quit their drinking habit? Play “From Russia With Love” and post your comments.

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  1. quite enternataining and addictive! i liked this game because of its cute personages and funny sound effects which make lough from the beginning!))))

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