Fruits Collector HD Game Review

Fruits Collector Game

Want an easy game for your iPad? Interested in fruits? Angry Orange brings you a new game where you score points simply by moving your finger on iPad. So far, when it comes to fruits in games, you could only think about mushrooms and cherries to be collected in the Mario video game. But now there is a new game where fruits are the center of attention.

Fruits Collector games gives you a chance to pluck as many fruits from the tree as you wish.

By moving your finger on iPad, you slash a fruit dropping from the tree. The more fruits you slash, the more points you score. The next stage shows some bad (rotten) fruits. You score more points by slashing fresh fruits and less points by slashing rotten fruits.

Fruits Collector HD

The graphics of this game are beautiful, giving the feeling of watching a 3D animated movie. Color scheme shows the beautiful tree and greenry that looks soothing to the eyes.

In games, slashing has usually been associated with violent games where the hero slashes the throat, chest and wrists of villain but here, you slash fruits and this game is good for little children as it can prevent the violent thoughts from occuring in their mind and divert their attention from violent video games.

Fruits Collector iPad App

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