Fundawear Garments: Couples Can Physically Tickle and Tantalize Using iPhone


Wearable Experiments, a socially driven wearable technology company have updated their famous digital magazine for the iPad, The Unlimited Mag-Sex Sells. The update comes with design enhancements and bug fixes. Since inception, their focus has been on approaching wearable technology from a design perspective, in every way possible. The content of this digital print draws in a lot of appreciation and is youthful and energetic.

The company’s last wearable was altogether a new innovation towards keeping couples connected when they are apart. Popularly known as Fundawear, which is the worlds’ first wearable technology allowing the transmission of personal touch from an iPhone app. Its a perfect example of a point, where fashion ends and technology starts. To phase in this wearable, high-quality hand made garments are made which conceal the technology seamlessly and make it look elegant. Once the garment is worn, the touch can be regulated by an iPhone app with the help of mini sensors inside the Fundawear garments. Couples can play around, tickle and tantalize.

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