Funky Bee: The Big Puzzle for your iPad and iPhone [Review]

The Funky Bee, a game by Funky Bee Games A/S is one of the biggest puzzle games I’ve seen. I was wondering what could a puzzle game have worth 231 MB ? Well there is a lot. Along with the actual puzzles, some simple and some not, the game in itself is a puzzle. Just when I started to think I’ve figured out a flow I end up in a place where I feel shamelessly abandoned. Where am I to go next? No clue! How did I feel? Good actually! So this was only to warn you. The game is not for the impatient.


You are introduced to a gigantic castle and you roam around finding your way choosing between fancy arched ways as you explore deeper into every dimension. While  you do this, you come across puzzles and earn gold coins which you can spend on playing more mini games. You are looking for treasures every now and then and you will be talking to many people who put you on different quests.

There is a bar which screens ads continuously in the free version. Also there are certain areas which require VIP access (purchase online or earn and buy with 1500 gold coins). The rest is a free party.


There are a lot of characters you will come across. And a lot of chatting too. Most of these programmed dialogs are well structured, some hilarious and some simply mocking.  Though I am still to finish much more of the game, my personal favorite conversation till now has been that with Looey the Louse.  I tap on Looey. He says “Yessss?” I say “Nothing”. And we are best of friends ever since.

The characters are the key in giving you quests and also helping you out. Don’t think the conversations with these people will always get you somewhere. Like this one:

Some may wish to skip all the dialogs to just play the puzzles. You could do that. But half the charm in the game is the interactive journey it takes you through. Very pleasant encounters.


Coming to the Sound, all the styles of music chosen for the various environments are beautiful. The overall sound level was a bit lower than normal.


There is no denying that the game looks grand with all its magnificent structures and vibrant colors. I give this game a thumbs up and shall get back to playing it a little more as I sip on my tea.

Any personal  accounts with this game or any other views at all are most welcome:)

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.
To get the game:

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