Future DJ: App to mix songs for the entire Party

Future DJ By Xylio Info Srl

Pricing: $1.99
Category: Music
Device Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Requires iOS 4.1 or later?Size: 4.7 MB

Are you looking for a standard DJ app for your iPhone or iPod touch? If yes then, Xylio info Srl has got the Future DJ app for you.

Future DJ is a DJ mixing software, you can say a full-blown software which allows you to mix for an entire party if you want to. Future DJ is the first iPhone app which can automatically analyze a track’s BPM and also synchronize the beats of two songs at the touch of a button.

In this app you can access songs directly on the device, no need to import anything or use complicated desktop software. For playing music you just need to tap on the ejects button and atomically the music library will open and where you can browse and load songs.

The app has a wonderful and sophisticated looks. The features like the effects, equalizers, scratch, disk spin and reverse-play are amazing. The song’s speed can be controlled through the pitch slider and brings the same song to BPM. Users will be able to mix at the touch of a button through the automatic Mix feature, which automatically brings the two songs at the same BPM, while at the same time seamlessly moving the crossfader to the other song.

There is a sync button where you can instantly synchronize the BPM and the beats to the other deck.

The best thing I like about this app is the waveform display. It shows about audio signal monitoring information and the beat rhythm. The display also shows the active loop start/end position and also the position of the cue-point.

When you press Loop Eq Fx, you will find loop in,loop exit, brake, skip, flanger and echo. Under the loop in you will find gain, low and high. Gain is only use to make balance between too low or too high in volume. The exit means the exits of the current loop. The effects like flanger and echo can be fun but they also changes the entire sound.

This is a cool app, sophisticated at first look but when you start using it, you find easy to use. Anytime you need help, you can select help on the top left hand side and clear your doubt.

The app is price at $1.99 and is worth buying.

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