Future iDevices to recognize User’s heartbeat, voice and face


This may sound like a scene from the Bond movie, but its true Apple is working on this technology. According to a recent report by AppleInsider, Apple patent information suggests that future iDevices could recognize their users’ voice, heartbeat, and face – and automatically adjust aspects accordingly (or notify the owner if an unauthorized user is interacting with the device).

Apparently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently unveiled a patent application from Apple called “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device.” This form of security involves detecting users based on their face, voice, and heartbeat.

The patent reads:

The photograph, recording, or heartbeat can be compared, respectively, to a photograph, recording or heartbeat of authorized users of the electronic device to determine whether they match. If they do not match, the current user can be detected as an unauthorized user.

If an unauthorized user attempts to access a device, the owner can then be notified via a phone call, SMS, or email.

Off course, this technology is in its very early days and so it would still take a long time before we could actually see something like this, but yes this is what Apple has in mind for the next generation of iDevices.

Via: AppleInsider.com

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