Future of Mac revealed by iPhone 4S and iOS 5

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Newly released iPhone 4S and iOS 5 have certain features that maybe seen in the future Mac computers. In 2007, Microsoft, as well as Apple had introduced computers that responded to Multi-touch, Physics and Gestures (MPG). Microsoft introduced MPG on big computers while Apple introduced MPG on small computers.

iPhone, with on-screen keyboard and equipped with many features that were seen only in computers, years ago, came to be seen as the smallest computer by many. The idea of keyboard on screen was not appreciated by many as typing in a small keyboard was difficult.

Enter iPad, the gadget with bigger screen. Thus, keyboard on screen was not so much resented by the users.

The release of, iPad, iPhone 4S and iOS 5 might be a preview (or trailer) for the iMac of the future because the three technologies:

1. Better Keyboard – You do not need to carry the load of a keyboard or worry about the proper place to keep it as keyboard in iPad is a software. The touch of your finger on screen types the alphabet. On iPad and iOS, keyboard offers two tricks. You can split your keyboard, hold the iPad in both hands and type with your thumbs. Keyboards also have auto correct features.

2. Artificial Intelligence – With the introduction of Siri, you are spared from the hassles of too much typing and screen touching. You can say something and Siri would prepare the text.

3. Haptics – So what if you cannot feel the keys in the on-screen keyboard? When you type, the screen understand your touch and type the alphabet you want to type. iOS 5 can set vibrations for each person in your phonebook and you would feel different types of vibrations every time so that you can know who is calling you. It can also tell you if you got a text message from a particular person.

With the future computers going to involve less typing and more touching and vibrations, the dawn of a new era in the world of computer may not be far away. What are your expectations, imaginations and fantasies about the computers of future? Tell us in the comments section below.

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