Game Center not supporting iPhone3G and 2nd Gen. iPod touch

According to sources Apple yesterday released iOS4.1 beta3 for developers. Well, one good news is about the latest updates of iOS4.1 beta3 and but the bad news is that after the release there would be removal of Game centre support for the iPhone 3G and also the 2nd generation iPod touch.

Many users have been waiting for Game Center so that they can upgrade their devices since the announcement of iOS4 but unfortunately it seems that Apple is stripping it from older generations iOS devices. Now the users have a doubt whether Game Center happens to be so complicated that it needs the improvement of hardware when switching to different newer devices takes place. let’s not come to conclusions of beta release but hopes that Game Center support comes with newer final updates for iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod touch.

Well sorry for presenting a doubt in your mind by asking if Game Center support does come in need for your iPhone 3G, iPod touchG2 and does return to save your devices. Ok fine we discuss a lot about Game centre vanishing from above devices but the final word is: Does it attract you to upgrade your devices?

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