Game Review: Goldenoid 3D

mzl.armjbanf Being a huge fan of brick games, I came across Goldenoid 3D as a complete delight, thus I thoroughly enjoyed cracking the entire gameplay. The app is pretty straightforward facilitating a focused gameplay. I appreciate the efforts of the developer in wrapping up this complete 3D experience with well-thought power-ups and challenges.

The app starts in a simple way wherein you have to destroy all the bricks to pass a particular level. While destroying, you randomly hit on bricks which render power-ups and multiply score. You will also get to grab coins on the go which convert into additional power ups, that is fun to achieve.

Overall, the game creates a pleasant feel, and it is certainly addictive and challenging towards the end. I also enjoyed the sharp crack of the glass when one loses a level, and sometimes I deliberately lost a level to get a glimpse of the glass, that`s nicely done.

With 20 impressive levels, Goldenoid 3D also supports Leaderboard and Game Center options. The game also provides the right of choosing a right or a left finger mode which is quite comforting. And of course, the 3D experience is enhanced when you get to see a particular level from multiple angles when on pause mode.

The ultimate goal of the game is to destroy the golden brick in the last level which completes the game. I’ll surely look forward to future updates by the developer, Grapa Media, so as to get the fun 3D experience once more.

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