Gameloft Releases The Amazing Spider-Man Prologue Trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man Poster

You may not be super-hero fan like me but given the fact that Spider-Man has been swinging in our lives since 1962, I am sure that you maybe having some brief idea about the origin story of Spider-Man.

However, in case you are not familiar with this iconic story, Gameloft has released a prologue video which not only familiarizes you with the history, but also to shows off some more in-game footage.

If you have seen the E3 trailer already, then you would not find anything new here in terms of gameplay. It looks very similar to the Amazing Spider-Man game found on consoles.

Seems like the game will be released a few days before the movie launch, because the trailer credits a 28 June 2012 release for Android and iOS.

The price of this game is not known so far. But it is safe to say that the game will cost you less than your movie ticket will. More information will be available within a week.

Following video gives you a glimpse of this awesome game.

So what are more excited for? The movie? Or the game? Post your comments.

Source: Cult Of Android

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