GasBuddy app causes repeated iPhone crashes – Apple retail staff to uninstall app

Apple discovers a bug with newer iPhone models, iPhone XS, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 repeated in a crash and respires (display a black loading spinner) GasBuddy app is installed.

The issue first publicized by MacRumors. An anonymous Apple retail employee posted a fix on Reddit earlier. GasBuddy works on a fix. Apple retail thus advised uninstalling the app.

It is not clear about the exact cause of an issue. Thus with a very rare single iOS app overloads a system like this, GasBuddy likely exposes some bug in Apple system API like background task management.

Neither Apple or GasBuddy – discloses full explanation of what is going on. At the present time, Apple not only makes a public comment on the matter; retail the store support employees notifies of the problem with an internal memo.

Thus your own iPhone afflicts this problem, restarting the phone presses volume up, volume down and holds the power button until the device reboots. You promptly uninstall GasBuddy which returns to the Home Screen. Until the bug resolved – GasBuddy temporarily pulls an app from the App Store.

We thus got make an aware where people encounter issues with our iOS app. We rapidly prepare and update believes solving the issue makes our app temporarily unavailable download to limit the number of potentially affected users.

GasBuddy – a pretty popular app is where the scope of potential impact is significant. The next steps from here GasBuddy releases a fix for the specific problem with its app, followed by an iOS update incorporates safeties preventing another app causing the same issue in future.