Genome Wowser: Immediacy to Human Genome

The Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMi) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has developed Genome Wowser, an app for looking into genomic information. The App is described as expedient, perceptive and highly portable. It can be easily downloaded from the iTunes App Store SM by any iPad user.

Similar to the planning of travel routes under Google Maps we can navigate with ease the human genome using Genome Wowser. The general use of this App is that when a particular gene name is entered in the search box it finds the gene on one of the 23 human chromosomes. Along side it displays an attractive image of its exact location among the genome’s 3 billion base pairs.

Footnotes added by researchers provide an overview of the gene’s suspected biological functions and possible mutations and variants. The  chromosome region can be zoomed into by pinching and spreading the screen.

Peter White the director of CBMi summarized the App as an initiative to create closeness towards the human genome and as a interactive and easy to use App.

Sounds really interesting!

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