German Court Halts Apple’s Second Slide-To-Unlock Suit Against Samsung

Slide To Unlock

In a major relief to Samsung, the Mannheim Court in Germany has delayed Apple’s second slide-to-unlock case against Samsung.

The German Patent and Trademark Office is examining the validity of Apple’s slide-to-unlock utility model.

A utility model is a quickly approved patent that is not presumed by the court to be valid because it has not been fully examined by the patent office. Now that Apple is asserting it in a lawsuit, the patent office is taking a closer look at the patent and Apple’s claims.

This review process takes time and other appeals could delay a final ruling in this slide-to-unlock case.

Samsung must be happy that that it got a relief from court after a long streak of defeats Apple handed over to it (Samsung) in courts around the world.

Coincidentally, Apple is facing a lawsuit from a Swedish company Neonode which is claiming rights to the patent in question, despite the fact that Apple has won a lawsuit against Motorola over this patent.

Source: TUAW

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