German Court Rejects Samsung’s Second 3G Patent Suit Against Apple

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The joy of victory in Netherlands maybe short-lived for Samsung as just a week after being embarrassed in Germany, Samsung was once again embarrassed in another lawsuit against Apple.

The first victory for Apple against Samsung in a German court was a partial victory but the second and third (latest) were clear victories.

Mannheim Regional Court has rejected the second of Samsung’s patent infringement claims against Apple.

As with last week’s ruling, the latest decision addresses one of Samsung’s arguments that Apple’s 3G / UMTS technology infringes upon its patents. Judge Andreas Voss officially shot down these claims on 27 January 2012, though he did not offer an immediate reason for his ruling.

However, as FOSS Patents has pointed out, these initial decisions against Samsung may be based on the validity of the specific patents themselves, and would therefore are not likely to impact upon the outcome of the Samsung’s three other claims. All three remaining claims of Samsung are based upon different 3G / UMTS patents. In addition, Samsung is pursuing two lawsuits based on patents not related to 3G standards, including one, apparently, that details a way to type smiley emoticons on a mobile handset.

Though, Samsung defeated Apple in some court battles across the world, usually, Apple has been successful against Samsung in majority court battles, like the one in France.

In 2011, Apple had accused Samsung of copying the design of Galaxy Tab from iPad and won the court case against Samsung. This led to a court imposed ban on the sales of Galaxy Tab in Australia.

An Australian court overturned the ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia in late November 2011. Galaxy Tab was released after 9 December 2011 because Apple had obtained a stay order on the implementation of verdict lifting the ban. Apple’s plea for more extension on the ban was rejected.

In March 2012, Apple and Samsung saga is set to return to Australia.

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Source: Engadget

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