German Court Upholds Ban On iCloud And MobileMe Push Emails

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It has been over a month now since Apple suspended push email from its iCloud and MobileMe services. At the moment, and it does not look like iCloud and MobileMe services will be back on any time soon.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a German regional court has backed the ban.

The court has upheld Motorola Mobility’s claims of patent infringements. The court agreed that Apple must also pay damages to Motorola. However, the amount has not been decided yet. Thus, at the moment, users need to stick to manually fetching updates, and hope a final agreement can be met further down the line.

This has been the biggest victory of Motorola against Apple as the two tech giants have been suing each other over various patents infringements and Apple has been winning over Motorola most of the time.

Apple had suspended its iCloud services in Germany after Motorola won an injunction against Apple.

Source: Engadget

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