Get ready for an Amazing Rounded Journey with Diveland [Review]

Diveland is a simple yet challenging iOS game developed by the duo, Andrea and Steve Bourne. The game is an inspiration from Flatland published back in 1884. Flatland is a story about a two-dimensional world referred to as Flatland which is occupied by geometric figures. The world is about women and men, in which women are simple line-segments and men are polygons, the story aims to describe a society rigidly divided into classes.

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Diveland is build on similar lines in which a simple two dimensional world is created to bring about a rich experience of a three dimensional world. The app is pictured as a classic mathematics driven fictional novel.

The goal of the game is to dive through 100 fast-paced wormholes, one after the another which is a techno fun experience while playing the game. The wormholes appear in alternating black and white circles clustered into one single dimension which renders a rich three dimensional experience. The gameplay starts by diving into the circles with the help of cross hairs towards the center of the wormhole as quickly as possible, while you are diving into the circles they approach speedily and you have to be careful in targeting the worm holes. The wormholes zoom as you are playing and as a player you must be very alert to be able to progress through the circular path and come out as a winner. Don’t be sad if you don’t get it initially, I got through the 5th time and thereafter it was really fun to play Diveland. The “splat” is not meant for people who loose but for ones who are trying to get through and actually get through after the 5th attempt.

While playing on a full volume the sound felt good on ears, a techno beat to support the air of the game, creating a sense of motivational panic to reach the center and crack the hole. How not panicky was that? there’s a point in the gameplay when you are totally lost in the black and white circles and nothing else goes around, the beats thump up and the only view is wormholes. The developers have been successful in creating a game which is quite engrossing and engaging. It took a lot more time to nail down the gameplay than the standard time defined by the developers, a 8 minute ride to get through all 100 wormholes.

Diveland’s interface is fairly straightforward, a beautiful blend of black and white which reflects the feel of the game thoroughly.

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