Get Refund From Apple For Apps You Don’t Like

brownnoisescreen1I just read an interesting story by Mona over at Pixel Bits explaining how she was disappointed with a couple iPhone apps she had purchased and how she got a refund for these apps, simply by asking Apple.

Here are the steps to request an iPhone app refund:

1. Launch iTunes
2. Go to Purchase History
3. Report a problem
4. Fill out the form with a legitimate reason for your refund request

Apple resolved my issues with a quick turn around time, hassle free, and was really really nice about it, too. And I am not going to lie, it shocked the crap out of me! …It may have helped I was clear and concise: “Beejive is not working out for me because x and x. Therefore, I would like x.” Manners and politeness can be advantageous, too. 🙂

I had no clue that you could request a refund for an iPhone application, but apparently, Apple gives customers 90 days to claim a refund for any purchase they made in iTunes or in the App Store.

4 Replies to “Get Refund From Apple For Apps You Don’t Like”

  1. It’s nice that this is possible, but speaking as a developer : Don’t do this for the tiniest issue.

    Each time you ask for a refund, a developer has to pay for the total amount and Apple keep their percentage of the sale. The result is that you can bankrupt a developer in this way. (Example: You buy an app for 0,99$, Apple gets 0,29$ and the developer gets 0,70$, you ask for a refund and the developer has to pay 0,99$, resulting in a 0,29$ loss on the sale)

    Waiting for an update, contacting the developer or reading the description before downloading can also help a lot as well.

    Remember, Apple isn’t giving the refunds, the developer is. Apple has no loss whatsoever, they just take the money from the developer without even asking if they approve of refunds.

  2. Is apple that cruel? It really causes pain to the dev, but I think if Apple sheds out $0.29 from it’s own pocket – which actually is the right thing, it would be better.

  3. I’ll check my iTunes Connect account (I already experienced a refund once) to see what negative number was on it, but I was always warned for refunds. I’ll look into it for confirmation.

    Apple used to say that they keep their share to cover the administrative expenses. It’s no problem for me as sales are decent, but I can believe that it hurts for developers that bring out a sole app which isn’t completely at the point where it should be.

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