Get White iPhone 4 at Best Buy on April 27th

People in Europe can expect white iphone 4 this coming wednesday. If not on others parts of Europe, expect Netherlands.

According to reports by 9to5Mac:

“Our sources in Europe have already told us that the white iPhone 4 is launching on Wednesday, April 27, in the Netherlands at least, and now other sources are pointing to a launch on that same day in the United States. A source at Best Buy sent us the above inventory screenshot and this screenshot details the April 27th launch date for the product. That particular screenshot is for the AT&T, GSM model of the white iPhone 4, but our connects at Verizon told us there is a CDMA version coming, too. We suppose that the Verizon version is launching that same day in the United States.”

Ok, now Best Buy has the device listed under an April 27 date in its frequently leaked internal inventory system and the screenshots above from 9to5Mac reveal only AT&T GSM model but still it is not clear whether Verizon will launch the same product on the same day in States.

The screenshots above also indicates that each store will carry about 10 units on the launch day.

[Via 9to5mac]

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