GhostSiri Will Allows You To Use Siri Without Its Interface

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Do you want to use Siri? Are you sad that your iPhone is not iPhone 4S? Cheer up! GhostSiri is here.

GhostSiri is a tweak that will allow you to invoke Siri without being subjected to the Siri User Interface (UI).

It is currently a concept tweak in the very early stages of development.

Take a look at this video that gives you a sneak preview of GhostSiri:

There is a problem with GhostSiri in its current form. There is no way to handle graphical snippets from Wolfram Alpha and the like. Since Siri does not appear at all, there are no means to display the snippets normally displayed via the Siri interface.

After talking with the original developer of the tweak, Rudolf Lichtner, it seems that he is taking some measures to display the snippets by other means.Apparently, there will be a settings panel that will allow you to decide what you want to display, and what you want to keep hidden.

What are your expectations from GhostSiri? Post your comments.

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