Giant iPad speakers from SpeakerCraft to satisfy your desire for loud music

Well if you are fan of Rock music or not but love to listen to music and need some dependable speaker to satisfy your desire for playing loud music then SpeakerCraft has developed iPad speaker docks that would make perfect additions to any music lover’s space, provided they own an iPad

The speakers comes with a wide variety like a trendy gloss finish, USB inputs, FM tuner, LED display and are perfect for a dorm room, or any room for that matter as they are sure to pack a punch when it comes to volume and sound quality. The larger model, Flobox, also comes equipped with a CD drive.

SpeakerCraft is known more for high-end and custom in-wall speaker systems, but they have now branched out to a wider audience with the announcement at CEDIA Expo of the Vital 250 amplifier, Flobox and Floxbox Mini all-in-one iPad speaker dock systems

Moreover, the Speakercraft devices not only play music but also charge the iPad while it’s connected. AirPlay compatibility will allow wireless enjoyment of music streaming.

Don’t worry about the battery life, now you can go on listening as much as you want. But cautions of your neighbors when playing very loud music.


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