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If you like to use G-mail on iOS, then here is a good news. And this good news will make all those who were sad when G-Mail app was launched in app store without push notifications, which is seemingly a big oversight in an iOS email client.

It was pushed out soon. Later, Gmail finally received push notifications but then the app felt a little clunky overall.

This is exactly where Gmail version 1.3 comes to the rescue. Google has said that the latest update to their official Gmail app for iOS is trying to fix everything.

According to the search giant, the new version of G-mail app makes a bunch of changes under the hood to improve animation, scrolling, and responsiveness. All of these things should help solve the clunky feeling. New update for G-Mail even allows you to save attachments, a feature that should have been included all along.

Google describes the update as the following:

You’ll notice that many events in the app are just a little bit faster and smoother. Buttons respond to presses a little more quickly, scrolling is smoother and new views transition faster. With this update, we tried to make it a little better with every touch.

We’ve also added one popularly requested feature – when viewing a picture attachment, you can now use a long press (touch and hold) to save it to your photo library.

You can download the newly updated G-Mail app from the app store.

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