Good and bad news for people expecting Samsung Galaxy in US

Here is good news and bad news for those in the United States anxiously awaiting the Android-based tablet. The good news is that the Samsung tablet will be offered through wireless carriers, subsidized like a smartphone. Samsung may offer the Galaxy Tab through multiple wireless carriers and if possibly all four major one.

The bad news is that the pricing will come with the added burden of a contractual commitment for service and most likely the industry-standard two-year agreement. That means being basically stuck with that tablet regardless of what new and innovative tablets might come along and paying for a data plan whether you actually use it or not

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was unveiled in Germany last week and it is set to launch first in Europe. Initial reports of pricing shows not according to many customer expectation. In Sweden, the Galaxy Tab will retail for the equivalent of nearly $1250, while the price reported from O2 in Germany places it near $1000.

While buying, customer should keep in mind that if price are set at $200 extra then the iPad price, than it is lot more then the top-end 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G.


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