Google and Apple together again with mobile ads

Once there was a time when Apple and Google were involved in battle but recently they are once again friends at least as far as mobile ads go.

Google says its wholeheartedly approves of Apple’s relaxation of its mobile advertising policy. The old policy effectively locked out Google’s AdMob platform from in-app advertising on the iPhone and iPad.
However, Apple’s new terms will open up in-app advertising to competitors and enable advertising systems that work across a range of platforms (IE. iPhone and Android).

Google says that this is a great news for everyone in the mobile community and they believe that a competitive environment is the best way to drive innovation and growth in mobile advertising. Google also added that mobile advertising has already helped to fund tens of thousands of mobile apps across many different platforms and devices and promise to contribute the same for many more in the years ahead.

That’s something touching as what Google says, we all assure ourselves with something different in mobile apps with collaboration of Apple and Googel.


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