Google did you steal something?

News is what Rupert Murdoch Corporation has been dealing with since ages. Mr. Murdoch happened to be a news himself when he claimed that Google is stealing their news and paying nothing. The atmosphere further caught fire when we found him stating that he will soon pull out his websites from Google. But Mr. Mudoch when are you going to stand by your words?

And now he spoke out his mind up for another. No this time its Apple. He yesterday announced that his news corp. is soon launching the new national digital newspaper exclusively for Apple’s iPhone, iPods and iPads. This announcement came as a direct competition to The Newyork Times, US Today and many national newspapers. He continued saying that the new digital newspaper would target a more general readership, offering short, snappy stories that could be digested quickly and would be under high senior professionals.

Lets me ask you! Is he really focused on building readership and revenue on digital platforms?
But to me he is busy brainstorming erecting a pay wall around the Times of London and announcing plans to charge for access to News Corp.’s other newspaper websites. Money can buy everything but there is something that money can’t buy.

Thanks [macdailynews]

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